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Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries in Omaha, NE

Sports are a great way to stay active and happy. Whether you play football or basketball, you ride your bike up mountain trails, or you relax with golf, sports are often a great way to work out, burn fat, and find excitement. However, many sports can be dangerous and cause injuries as well. If you’ve suffered any sports injuries, come to Omaha Orthopedic Clinic and Sport Medicine today.

We’re located in Omaha, NE, and can help anyone who comes to our clinic.

What We Can Do

Sports injuries are not all the same, so they don’t all need the same type of treatment to recover. Because of that, we make sure to offer a range of different treatment options for you. We offer both conservative, noninvasive treatments and surgical treatments, depending on the severity of your injury, and we can help with injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement as well.

Some of the sports injuries that we’ve helped with before include Achilles tendon tears, ACL and meniscus tears, ligament and tendon tears, rotator cuff injuries, and fractures, tears, and sprains in any part of the musculoskeletal system. We can help with shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, ankle, and foot injuries.

We’ll work with you on a personal level to create a unique treatment plan for your specific injuries and goals. We may help you with physical therapy and pain management only. Or we may suggest surgery, such as a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery or reconstructive surgery. Our doctors are all certified and experienced, so trust that we’ll find exactly how to help you heal and get back to sports quickly.

Why We’re Different

Omaha Orthopedic Clinic and Sports Medicine has over 70 years of experience helping Omaha, NE, residents with their injuries. Each one of our doctors and surgeons is board-certified, and we continue to educate ourselves so that we always provide the best care possible. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and comprehensive services, so you know you’ll be cared for here.

We’ll help you heal. Call us at 1-800-535-8599 to get started.